The “Business Ambassador” recognition is the highest honor that a successful businessperson can receive. On one hand, we create a network of Business Ambassadors from all countries in the world in order to help them be recognized as the ones that are great to do business with. On the other hand, being a Business Ambassador means with the great success in business, a businessperson is deservedly recognized to represent his/her own country and be its biggest promoter in front of the business world!

Elite Summits

Our Business Ambassadors Summits are carefully crafted to comfort its participants with opportunities for both, business and pleasure. We strive to promote international businesses and professionals who have distinguished themselves among their competitors by earning the clients’ trust, and connect them with the world’s leading companies based in the world’s business capitals hence increasing their chances to start new mutual projects and increase profits. Also, we give chance to participants to explore and visit world’s biggest cities and enjoy their time during the summit. Finally, the Gala Dinner is a key element of our international summits, becoming a powerful marketing tool designed to recognize the prestige of outstanding companies, organizations, and businesspeople from all over the world.


With their participation at the “Business Ambassador” Summits, participants will: