Nominations process

The nomination process is inclusive and ensures fair treatment of every nominee.


One can nominate himself/herself, or be nominated by another individual or company. Parallel to it, members of the Business Elite Awards team can also submit a nomination for someone who they consider deserves to be part of the process.


Each nomination is very carefully prepared based on a thorough secondary research from a range of publicly accessible sources by our skilled and well trained research team. After the final completion, every nomination is submitted to the Advisory Board for an evaluation.

Evaluation process

The evaluation process is crafted to guarantee that nominees are assessed based on their achievements, reputation, leadership skills, and ambition to further succeed in business.

Selection criteria

Nominees are evaluated according to the following criteria:

Final decision

Each nomination is evaluated independently. After a careful review, The Advisory Board can either approve or reject a nomination based on whether the nominee satisfies the selection criteria. The Board’s decisions are final and there is no appeal process.