We build an extensive network of the Elite for the Elite. Being part of the Elite is a benefit by itself because great minds think alike – collective minds succeed together. Members of our prestigious Executive Club can increase their chances of further success as a result of all the new contacts they will generate with the rest of the awarded successful business people.

The Executive Club is exclusive to the already awarded businesspersons and only they can benefit from it. The lifetime membership fee is €995.

Great minds think alike – collective minds succeed together.

Member benefits:

  • Club activities are complimentary to members
  • Meet high profile decision-makers
  • Privilege for business opportunities
  • Create new valuable contacts locally & internationally
  • Learning from others and gain insights into sectors and markets
  • Share your knowledge & experiences
  • Gain the speaking opportunities at Business Elite Awards events
  • Access to other local and international business communities
  • Interactive with high-level delegations from various countries
  • Acquire to investments opportunities, Joint Ventures, Merger & Acquisition
  • Adding extraordinary value to personal growth and company strength

Current Members